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Comments (87)

In between two kite session, we go the gym @beachmonkeyz to workout and keep us in shape in the perfect set up possible. Cardio, weightlifting, pump sessions and some nice wod.

BUT today we went on a hike with @elgounamountaingoats in the desert 🤩. You do the approach on top of a 4x4 and then you meet the locals who open the gate to the canyon and then you start the hike. You go through some climbing portions which are challenging but in the end it’s still very easy. At the end you do a barbecue in the wild desert and we saw a nice snake and a fox. Voilà

Lucas Ingr 20/04/2024


Excellent crew made an unforgettable experience! They will make sure to fulfill all your expectations and more. Would definitely go again!

Mostafa Elibiary 09/02/2024


Une journée de marche (10km) extraordinaire dans le désert. Apres une heure de route en 4x4, l’immensité et la beauté spectaculaire du desert. Le guide Waleed est formidable. A faire absolument. Pas de danses du ventre et autres activités kitsch ici. Ils peuvent adapter le programme a vos envies. En groupe ou en couple.

Agathe L 08/02/2024


Aalways there to remind you how beautiful our home is. 🌵 Thank you @elgounamountaingoats for the wonderful time, always 🫶🏼

dalal jmt 12/01/2024

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There is so much special about the desert… You can feel how time pauses: the silent dunes, a starry sky, whispers of the memory of ancient civilizations. Really unforgettable❤️

Thank you for an amazing experience🕊️☀️✨ @elgounamountaingoats

Everyone who wants a real adventure in the desert on the Red Sea, this is the place => @elgounamountaingoats

Amira 18/01/2024


I går var vi på vandre/klatre tur i ørkenen, hvor vi spiste autentisk egyptisk mad, under stjernerne ✨🐫

mirahdamkjaer 08/12/2023



We enjoyed a nice jeep safari, a desert walk with incridible views, a tasteful desert lunch and (the view on) a beautifully staged yoga session. Thank you for adding us last minute to the group...


Trip 27/10/2023


Trip 27/10/2023 Thank you mountain goats! That was an excellent natural adventure! The dinner was great and the Bedouin coffee was the kicker. Always nice to ride through the dessert on the rooftop.

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If you want to experience the desert in its pure beauty, this is the best way to do it. A big thank you to Hamada and its crew for sharing a part of their habitat & culture with us. It was impressive.

Sarah 27/11/2023


War ne sehr geile Hiking Tour

Big thanks to El Gouna mountain goats for this awsome experience

Nils Erhardt 10/07/2023


Emo momentje

Yes we did it again

Zo trots en fier op ons allemaal

Mooiste ervaring ooit

El Gouna Mountain Goats 

Its the climb......

Anja Michiels 30/06/2023


We had a wonderful day ! If you want to explore the desert and all its secret places then this is the best trip  The guides tell beautiful story’s about the desert. We have met some beautiful Egyptian people who want to show u part of their history , nature and culture. No hustle and no awkward touristic pictures. The climbing is for everyone because u can choose which level u will pick. The food was great and the music also . Such a good vibe ! Highly recommend this !

Sandra Van Beers 2/12/2023


Had a wonderful day in the desert. Great experience and nice food! Really recommend the El Gouna mountain goats!



Lost in the serenity of a desert night by the Red Sea mountains, where the only light comes from a warm fireplace and a sky bursting with stars. Moments like these remind us of the universe’s vast beauty and the peace that nature offers.

Yusef Ahmed 03/11/2023

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