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What are the activities of a 'Sunset Hike' at Wadi Bileh?

-People ask sometimes when they inquire details about our trips.

We often find ourself lost for words because what we do goes so far beyond the physical activities.

We Explore and Discover on many levels. Geographical and Personal.

We Create and Build.
Connections, Friendships, Character and Confidence.

We learn. About History, Culture, Ourselves, about our Planet and Universe.
How to deal with Fear and Excitement.

We just Chill and have a Good Time while Stargazing.

We pretty much make the best out of Today following Mother Natures Rhythm...

Practical information about this half-day trip:

A short 4x4 ride from El Gouna to the canyon.

Explore the canyon by hiking
(levels from easy to ninja)
or 4x4 car.

See the geological changes this area
went through from sea to river and eventually desert.

We end the day in open desert with 
a Beduin style bonfire and dinner under the stars.


Duration: 7 hours
Meeting: 3 pm


Some pictures taken by our guests

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