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The Roman History:

Between the Abu Sha'ar Fortress (El Gouna) and Kainopolis (Qena) is a network
of Roman roads that connect the Red Sea to the Nile and all the Quarries, Hydreumas,
Villages and Forts in between.

Most of these structures were build in the 1st century AD and have been active till
the 4th and 5th centuries.

Rocks from the Egyptian Quarries are found all over the ancient empire.

Some famous sites are the pillars of the portal of the Pantheon in Rome,
the Imperial Palace in Istanbul, the Deocletian Palace in Kroatia
and the temples of Baalbek.

Fun Fact: some of the Granite (Granodiorite) colums weigh up to 200 tons
and were transported 1000s of kilometres.

Them Romans must have loved their Rocks...

Duration: 7 hours
Minimum: 4 Persons


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