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Yoga and meditation in the desert:

Have you ever experienced how the great openness and emptiness of nature
invites you to dive deep into your soul?

Out in the middle of nowhere under a tapestry of stars.

Countless, endless dots of fire and energy bursting in a navy blue sky.

Left and right nothing but sand and rock, mother Earth presenting its abundance
even in the nothingness.

Away from the chatter and noise of everyday life.

No technology.

All outside opinions and expectations cease
 to exist.

Retreat into that silence and emptiness.

Nothing but you with you, making time for you to finally just be YOU.

A sunset half-day trip focused on the senses,
exploring the mind, body and soul
by moving in nature.

Duration: 7 hours
Minimum: 6 Persons

Strawberry full moon.
Hiking & yoga

August 21, 2022
credits: Rüdiger Humer

Flower full moon.
Hiking & yoga

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